Laura Cousins

The Wayfinder

Prior to training as a Play therapist, I worked for over 10 years in the NHS as an Occupational therapist in a variety of child and adolescent mental health services.

The NHS will always be close to my heart due to the rich experience of working with children, young people and families and the gained wisdom from incredibly skilled and dedicated colleagues. I later discovered Play Therapy and aligned with the core principles of being a present, playful and loving witness to a child’s experience and trusting the process. Life experience and my career path has further led to develop knowledge and experience in the fields of sensory attachment, parent and infant mental health and integrative therapies.

More recently, my career pivoted to a training, mentoring and leadership role here at Clear Sky and I am thrilled to be utilizing my skills and experience to guide other therapists and practitioners to be of highest service to the children and families they support.

The research is compelling; the first few years of life are the foundation to who we become in later life; how we interact with each other, how we parent our own children and take care of our planet. I am passionate about playing my part in creating meaningful, conscious and systemic change in the world. This comes from a combination of challenging life experience, my own parenting journey and a deep curiosity about the human experience.

I am passionate about creating training programmes that combine the latest research in science in combination with getting to the roots of what makes us resilient and healthy so that we can best guide and support the next generation.