Baby Bonding for Parents and Carers

Baby Bonding is a very effective preventative and early help attachment programme for parents and carers, and their babies.

Baby Bonding can be delivered with groups, one to one, or through a home-visiting model and is suitable from approximately 28 weeks of pregnancy.

Aims of the course

This flexible programme is based on the latest attachment research which shows that supporting the earliest parent-infant attachment relationship sets the scene for the best outcomes for children right into adulthood.  Pregnancy and the early months after birth represent a “window of opportunity” to share new knowledge with parents and carers.

Baby Bonding training provides lovely group or individual sessions filled with enjoyable, interactive activities and resources to help parents and babies build a strong relationship after birth. 

Sessions help parents explore all aspects of baby development, including the amazing baby brain, how babies communicate, how we can help calm and soothe babies in this fast-moving world as well as sharing other important developmental information. 

Baby Bonding empowers and encourages parents as the experts in their baby to play the most important role of all in their child’s life as a secure attachment figure. Practitioners share evidence-based tools and techniques to help parents manage the transition to parenthood and the challenges that it brings.

Who is this course for?

This course guides and empowers parents and carers to develop secure relationships with their babies. This flexible and accessible programme can be delivered with groups, 1:1 or through a home-visiting model and is suitable from 28 weeks of pregnancy.


This training is delivered in your local community.

When is this course?

This course is provided on demand. Please visit our register of licensed Baby Bonding professionals to find a course in your area.

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