The Pixel Fund supports Clear Sky again in 2023

Since 2011 The Pixel Fund have distributed more than £1 million to a wide variety of mental health from cutting edge dementia research to care in the community. They are now focussed on the mental health and well being of children and young adults.

‘Our aim is to support improvement in mental health by providing grants to charities registered and operating solely in the UK and involved in the mental health and wellbeing of children and young adults’

We are delighted that The Pixel Fund have provided a grant to us again this year; enabling us to achieve our aim ‘To improve the emotional wellbeing of children’ through Play and Creative Arts Therapy. Read more about our grant here

Small grants like these are the grassroots of our charity and enable us to continue to deliver services to communities and to wider society.

Thank you to The Pixel Fund for your generous support!