Miriam Muldal

Art Psychotherapist and Course Facilitator

Miriam Muldal is a qualified Art Psychotherapist working with children and young people in mainstream and specialist education settings.  

Miriam has experience of using art therapy with young people in areas of learning difficulties, bereavement, mental health and eating disorders.

“I have learned that art therapy is life affirming, bringing creative agency and hope.

I work with young people in mainstream and specialist settings using holistic, trauma-informed therapy based on attachment theory. This is non-directive, respecting each person’s instinct to explore their own life experience symbolically through art materials and at their own pace.

I have loved working with young people through my working life, first in paediatric nursing, then in comprehensive school art teaching and found that these strands of creative experience wove together organically into art psychotherapy.

I would describe my own artwork as ’somatic landscapes’, life experience drawn within the body.”

Miriam’s qualifications:
BA Hons Fine Art
MA Art Psychotherapy

Miriam also facilitates our Heart to Heart Practitioner Training Course.