Co-op Local Community Fund – please support Clear Sky

Do you shop at the Co-op? If so, we would love your support! Co-op Members can officially support Clear Sky Children’s Charity as part of the Local Community Fund.  To find out more about our project and to choose us as your cause, click here 

With your support, our project will provide ongoing support to children and their families across Oxfordshire and further afield. We have been providing play and creative arts therapeutic services to primary-aged children since 2009 and deliver around 2,000 one-to-one play-based sessions each year through schools. All of our sessions are delivered by an experienced play and creative arts therapist and 95% of the children we see experience a positive outcome. All of our therapeutic sessions are child-led, allowing the child to work through their problems and go on to lead a happy and fulfilled life. Support from Co-op members will allow us to meet the ever-growing demand from families for help for children with emotional and behavioural problems and those who have experienced a childhood trauma.

Please spread the word and ask your family, friends, colleagues and neighbours to support Clear Sky too. Co-op members can raise money for your cause by shopping at any of our Co-op Group stores across the UK.

Please help us to raise as much as possible!