Adult Child Attachment Play (ACAP) Professional CPD

Adult-Child Attachment Play (ACAP) is an innovative early help model that focuses on strengthening the adult/carer – child relationship.

The ACAP practitioner primarily works with the child in a one to one setting. The intervention is aimed at children 3+ to late teens. It can be offered to both neurotypical and neurodiverse children and adapted according to the child’s need.

The ACAP model integrates both theory and practical so that practitioners are confident in the Why and the How in delivering this innovative, creative and effective intervention.

Aims of the course

This is a longer-term, sustained training programme which takes place over 6 weeks followed by 4 monthly sessions. This approach supports children to feel soothed by the adults at school, allowing them to focus on their learning and friendships.

This programme focuses on exploring 3 key skills:

  • Child-led play
  • Containment (helping the child to feel safe through managing time, space and the wider environment, as well as support emotional regulation)
  • Reflective functioning (we like to call this empathy with bells and whistles). RF is what researchers have found to be key in all securely attached relationships

Our facilitator supports staff to:

  • Identify children who would benefit from weekly 1:1 play times
    Set up weekly 20-30 minute 1:1 play times (You and Me time) with individual children, to support the development of secure attachments
    Weekly play times would be focused entirely upon the individual child’s likes and needs
  • Weekly 1:1 time will provide a short ‘ring fenced’ opportunity for your staff members to practice the skills learned during the sessions
    Assess and monitor intervention length
  • Troubleshoot any challenges that take place during sessions
    Support staff to transfer skills used in sessions into everyday interactions at school and into the classroom environment
  • Explore sharing skills practiced with parents and carers of children

Who is this training for?

This training is universal and can be used with all children, by all members of staff. However, it is most powerful when staff feel fully supported by their senior leadership team. Teachers and support staff at primary level can benefit most from this training.

Delegate numbers Minimum 6, maximum 16

When is this training?

This training is available on demand. Please contact us here: [email protected]


This training is delivered in your school or at an external venue as arranged.

Course leader

Clear Sky course facilitators are Play & Creative Arts Therapists with lot of experience working with children and families. 

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