Parent-Child Attachment Play (PCAP) CPD for Professionals

Parent-Child Attachment Play (PCAP) is an innovative early help model that focuses on strengthening the parent/carer – child relationship.

The PCAP practitioner primarily works with the parent/carer in a one to one or group-based setting. The intervention is aimed at children 3+ to late teens. It can be offered to both neurotypical and neurodiverse children and adapted according to the child’s need.

The PCAP model integrates both theory and practice so that practitioners are confident in ‘the Why and the How’ in delivering this innovative, creative and effective intervention.

Aims of the course

PCAP training provides:

  • A strong grounding in the latest attachment, neuroscience and child psychology research and theory that underpins the model
  • Understanding of the intergenerational transmission of attachment and how PCAP can play a role in creating long -lasting meaningful change in familial relationships
  • Understanding of a 10-step method that integrates 3 fundamental attachment focused mechanisms; reflective functioning, child led play and containment
  • A clear structure/plan that can be adapted based on your setting
  • An experiential and creative learning experience which guides and empowers you as a practitioner
  • A reflective space to develop your own authentic style of facilitation
  • A range of pre and post outcome measures to support evaluation and commissioning requirements
  • Access to a hub of research articles, videos and resources including example session plans so that you are ready to start offering PCAP sessions on completion of the course!

Who is this course for?

This 2 day CPD accredited training weekend is suitable for practitioners working closely with parents / carers and children / teens, such as play therapists, social workers, teaching and support staff, charity workers, family outreach workers and nursery staff.

When is this course?


Staffordshire – 24 & 25 September Book Here

Leeds – 23 & 24 September Book Here

Galway – 1 & 2 October Book Here

Oxfordshire – 8 & 9 October Book Here



Oxfordshire – Moulsford OX10 9JD

Staffordshire – Uttoxeter ST14 8AG

Leeds – Gipton LS9 6NL

Galway – Oranmore


Course leader

Oxfordshire – Jenny Adarich is a qualified Play Therapist who is passionate about affecting positive change for as many young people as possible. Years of experience working with children and adults with special needs, as well as a background in science, mean she has a unique perspective in approaching Therapeutic work. Jenny enjoys creative, nurturing and playful ways of connecting with others to make the world a better place.

Galway – Linsey McNelis works mainly as a Play Therapist in Galway city. Ruth McDonagh works as a project worker for Barnardos in a family support project in Athlone and part time as a Play Therapist. They have always been interested in supporting the parents of the children they work with and when they first came across Big Toes Little Toes work in the form of Baby Bonding in 2012 they became hooked! They went on to study in the three Attachment programmes and found these to be invaluable in their work in strengthening the parent- child relationship.

Staffordshire –  Jacqui Shankly, has worked for over 20 years supporting babies, children and their families. She began her career making music with babies and their parents throughout Staffordshire and the West Midlands on behalf of local charities and Children’s Centres. “I loved my work, and what fascinated me most was the power of music to stimulate playfulness and connection between children and their parents and carers. Thus began two decades of interest and research into early childhood development and attachment, culminating in a Masters in Play Therapy. I founded Moonbeams CIC, an organisation dedicated to promoting positive childhood mental health through direct work with children, and support and information for the adults around them”.

Leeds – Phil Barker. Phil is a PTUK & BACP registered Play Therapist, Family Practitioner and SEND Lead Practitioner, he’s used his senior leadership experience in Special Education as a basis from which to develop by becoming a Therapist and Trainer. He specialises in Trauma/Attachment, Pervasive Developmental Disorders such as Autism and school engagement and parenting.


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