Play and Creative Arts Therapy Services for Schools

Clear Sky delivers Play and Creative Arts Therapy to children who have experienced trauma or display emotional or behavioural challenges.

Our wonderful team of qualified Therapists offer children an age-appropriate way to ‘play out’ difficult feelings and build resilience to become happy children who love life and enjoy school.

We partner with schools to support children with one-to-one or group Play and Creative Arts Therapy.

Who is Play & Creative Arts Therapy for?

Play & Creative Arts Therapy is for children aged 4-14 who have experienced trauma or display emotional or behavioural difficulties. They might include:

Emotional issues

Anxiety, Low self-esteem, Difficulties with regulation, Peer difficulties, Low resilience

Behavioural issues

Aggressive, Withdrawn, Antisocial behaviour, Inattentive, Hyperactive

Environmental issues

Family breakdown ,Bullying, Bereavement, Abuse ,Trauma

Aims of Play and Creative Arts Therapy

Play and Creative Arts Therapy uses the child’s natural language of play. Specially trained therapists support children using play, drama, dance, music, art, and sand to:

  • build the child’s self-esteem and resilience
  • help the child to deal with their thoughts and feelings in constructive ways and at their own pace
  • instil confidence in the child’s own ability to resolve their problems and respect boundaries
  • improve the child’s behaviour and emotional wellbeing enhancing their prospects for a happy and healthy future
What evidence is there that Play & Creative Arts Therapy works?

Over 95% of children experience positive change as a result of Play & Creative Arts Therapy alone. Combined with parental involvement and professional training, research shows that the impact on children’s futures will be greater still.

How long is a therapy intervention?

Clear Sky’s Play and Creative Arts Therapy is delivered in school. Ideally our schools sign up for a full academic year for a number of therapy slots. Our therapist will recommend an intervention length for each child based on their needs. On average each child referred for one-to-one Play & Creative Arts Therapy will receive at least 18 one to one therapy sessions (we deliver a minimum of 12 sessions per child).

We are also happy to support children with fixed term interventions if appropriate. We recommend referring 2 or more children to our services.

How long do therapy sessions last and when do they take place?

Play & Creative Arts Therapy sessions are conducted once a week at the same time and place and last between 30 – 50 minutes depending on the child’s needs. 

We ask schools to provide a suitable space for therapy sessions (same private room available at the same time each week).

What is the cost of Play & Creative Arts Therapy?

Our fees are subsidised through our fundraising efforts as a charity to provide an affordable, accessible, and sustainable service for vulnerable children.

One-to-one therapy sessions start at £70 per child per session. Please contact us for more details.

Clear Sky support children with both 1:1 and group Play & Creative Arts Therapy.

Our Play & Creative Arts Therapy group sessions support up to 4 children over 12 sessions and can be suitable for some children. Our therapist will recommend which children would be suitable for group therapy.

If you are would like a Clear Sky therapist to support children in your school please get in touch for more details.

Who delivers Play & Creative Arts Therapy?

Our amazing therapy team consist of fully qualified Play Therapists, Art Therapists, dramatherapists, Dance & Movement Psychotherapists, Child and Adolescent Play Based Counsellors and Child Psychotherapists.

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