Space to Shine Professional CPD: Supporting Children’s Mental Health Through Play

This course provides theoretical understanding of trauma and attachment and gives strategies to support children in the classroom. Space to Shine gives staff the confidence to put in place kind yet firm boundaries that children respond to.

We advise how to mindfully set up a classroom based on the needs of individuals to create an optimum learning environment. We provide insight and understanding of how to respond to behaviour as a form of communication.We give staff the practical skills required to help children develop emotional intelligence and self-regulation. We bring playfulness into teaching and other interventions

Aims of the course

Space to Shine focuses on the importance of child centred, playful relationships and provides staff with strategies that can be implemented throughout school to support children’s social, emotional and mental health needs to positively impact on behaviour.

This mastermind provides a combination of experiential activities and theory to deepen the learning experience. Members will be encouraged to get down on the floor and practice play techniques with their peers so they have practical tools that they can use as soon as they finish thetraining.

The course covers the use of a range of play materials including games, toys, puppets, musical instruments and art materials. Members will be asked to work in pairs and small groups during this training. We will need access to a projector for the training and enough floor space to play. Seats should be set out in a circle to encourage discussion, reflection and questions.

Delegate numbers Minimum 6, maximum 16

Who is this training for?

This one day training is universal and can be used with all children, by all members of staff. However, it is most powerful when staff feel fully supported by their senior leadership team. Teachers and support staff at primary level can benefit most from this training.

Delegate numbers Minimum 6, maximum 16

When is this training?

This training is available on demand. Please contact us here: [email protected]


This training is delivered in your school or at an external venue as arranged.

Course Facilitator

Clear Sky course facilitators are Play & Creative Arts Therapists with lot of experience working in schools.

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