A Clear Sky Case Study. ‘James’* Story’

When James* was referred to Clear Sky, he had been in foster care for many years because both of his parents were in prison.

At school, James presented some challenging behaviours in the classroom and often struggled to ask for help. His teachers had noticed that he found it hard to form friendships and was disinterested in learning. James’ foster family had told school that he was dysregulated at home and was also struggling with separation anxiety from his carer.

James’ school got in touch with Clear Sky for help and we worked with the school to set up an appropriate intervention with a therapist to take place during the school day.

Time was spent at school in weekly therapy sessions exploring life story through metaphor and play, exploring relationship and identity, whilst James and his therapist developed a positive and trusting therapeutic relationship.

James’ pro social behaviours increased dramatically. He became highly interested in learning and his efforts were acknowledged by his teachers as he started finding special interests in particular subjects. James formed some positive friendships and there was a huge reduction in separation anxiety with his carer. James can now ask for help and can rely on several trusted adults who he will go to in times of need.

At end of his therapy sessions, James was ready for this intervention to end. He continues to work on expressing his own thoughts and feelings, rather than doing things to please others.

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*The name James and the accompanying stock photo has been used for this case study to protect identity. Some information in this case study has also been anonymised for confidentiality purposes.