‘Would you like a little more tea?’

It’s become the highlight of Clear Sky’s summer calendar….

….and a bit of a bun-fight when drawing straws as to who will attend the annual Garden Party which is so beautifully given as a fundraiser by our lovely friends at The Arts Society Abingdon.

This year once again we were thrilled to be invited to join our friends at their members’ event and to update them on the work that we are doing across Oxfordshire. It was a wonderful opportunity for us to tell the group how we have put their past donations to creative use in the classroom, and to share with them some of the important work that we are doing to support children and families in the region through the ‘Power of Play’, and via the medium of the Creative Arts.

We were treated to a fabulous afternoon tea  – served in the most fantastic ‘Mad Hatter’ style, courtesy of our host’s simply amazing tea set, (which we noted had grown once again this year) with the inclusion of a new wobbly cake stand – very playful! Thank you very much to all of the members who so kindly provided cakes to sell at the event too and to those who bought so many of our greetings cards!

To top of a wonderful afternoon we were treated to a blissful musical duet; despite the wind doing its very best to try to disrupt proceedings.

We really enjoyed catching up with everyone again, sharing our news, and we very much hope to be invited again next year. It is so rewarding to be supported by such wonderful people who care so deeply about the lives of our younger generation.

To find out more about The Arts Society and the wonderful work that they do to support communities please follow this link: https://theartssociety.org/



“Yes, that’s it! *sigh* It’s always tea time.” — Mad Hatter