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If you are a parent/carer or a school/organisation please use our directory to search for a Clear Sky licensed Attachment Play Practitioner (APP) in your area and contact them about 1:1 or group support.

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For Attachment Play Practitioners:

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What is an Attachment Play Practitioner?

An Attachment Play Practitioner (APP) has trained in one (or more!) of our Attachment Play Courses to support parents/carers and their children.

Attachment Play Practitioners foster an empathic and playful approach to help strengthen relationships and support emotional and behavioural needs.

The work is focussed upon the individual needs of each family.

All of our APPs are therapists or family practitioners experienced in working with children and families. 

What are the Attachment Play Courses?

Click on the links to find out more …

Parent–Child Attachment Play (PCAP) – supporting a parent /carer either 1:1 or in a group

Heart to Heart – supporting a parent/carer and child pair either 2:1 or in a group

Baby Bonding (inc. Toddler Bonding) – supporting a parent/carer and baby / toddler in a group

*whenever we say parent/carer we welcome any adult in a caregiving role e.g. grandparent, aunt, uncle, foster parent etc.

What type of support is right for me?

For parent /carer (or any caring giving adult) please visit our Play for parents page

For schools (and similar organisations) please visit our Play for teachers and pupils page

Or contact the Clear Sky team and we are always happy to help!

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Maria Guerrero – MG Play Therapy


[email protected]

07712 428597

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